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Many of my customers have been saying really interesting things about my services! My reviews have been wonderful and I appreciate all the great feedback I receive from clients who have experienced great success with their listings as a result of my services.


” I am writing this testimonial due to the exceptional performance in achieving objectives that Mrs. Miller set forth as our real estate agent for my wife and I. Although I am not a builder per se, I have personally general contracted several homes from 1500 sq’ to 4200 sq’ (and as they say here in Florida—“under air”), in Connecticut over the last 30 years.

My wife and I purchased our 2 bdrm, 2 bath condo in 1989, with the intention of renting it until it was time to retire (in 2014). Although we have just recently retired, we continue to rent it, as Mrs. Miller has made this quite lucrative for us.

At the onset in 1989, we were fortunate to have an onsite rental agent who did a superb job for us in renting this Unit. However, he retired some 3 years later and sold his business. From on or about 1992, until connecting with Mrs. Miller in 2012, did we have numerous rental agents. My wife and I vetted those agents personally and on site. Although they all talked a good game, they all were very poor at best, especially when compared to our first agent. ex: my wife being a professional book-keeper for the State of Connecticut for just shy of 30 years had to correct every one of these agent’s book-keepers. One time (on or about 1996) did we receive $4k too much in one month. If my wife did not bring this to their attention, we believe we would have had a great vacation at Disney on them. That agency is not only still in business today, but they still owes us $80.00!

After doing some more homework in 2012, my wife and I connected with Mrs. Miller, and actually vetted her over the phone. She immediately took charge of our Unit, recommended a plan of attack that we agreed upon, and implemented that plan. She not only has contractors at her disposal, but the repairs made and prices generated, are excellent. When you are some 1200 miles away, you need to have an agent that you can trust. You need an agent with integrity in what he/she does. Mrs. Miller personifies those attributes. She has an inexhaustible work ethic.

As my wife and I have retired in Florida, but on the east coast, we had the pleasure to meet Mrs. Miller (and her husband Gil, who also is greatly involved in their client’s interests), and came away from that meeting even more satisfied.

If you are thinking of retaining Mrs. Miller to handle your rental property, I believe you can do no better than she.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. “


What a Great Realtor!

I am so happy with Gro Miller! She did a Short Sale for me and I can say she went the extra mile, time after time.

Gro got the yard sign up immediately and within a day or two we had offers. We took an offer and a back up offer and proceeded. During the sale, our main offer dropped off, but Gro was not fazed. She had another offer on the table immediately.

In this day and age, banks don’t always make these sales easy. Delays, demands, and just annoying requests were handled by Gro is a totally professional manner.

I went to the closing, which went totally smoothly, as she had everything in place.

I’ve recommended Gro to many other people, and I will continue to do so.

You should use her!


K. C.
Clearwater, Florida


To Gro Miller

Fr: Amy Perry

I would like to take the time to communicate how nice is was working with Gro Miller of Florida Gulf Coast.

Its refreshing when you can actually get a hold of the person trying to rent your house. When she said she was available she would always answer her phone or get back to you very shortly. I worked with another company for the life of me I could not reach and Gro was the opposite.

She was very honest with me on what it would take to rent my place and when I did as she asked, which wasn’t of high demand, then the house rented in such a short time it was great.

I would recommend her to any one actually wanted their house rented and not sitting on the overwhelmed market.

This is true,

Amy Perry


Dearest Gro,

I want to thank you for your highly professional approach to the sale of my mother’s condo. In a climate
that is far from ideal, to say the least, you persisted and were able to guide us and help us. When we
had to move out of state, prior to our closing, I felt completely at ease knowing you were overseeing all
that needed to still get done. My faith in you was well grounded. You performed way beyond “the call
of duty” and have brought this enormous transaction to a close with complete attention to detail and
legal parameters. In addition, your warm heart, intelligence and charm brought enjoyment to this
process as well.
I thank you and my mother thanks you. She is now happy in her new retirement community here in Los
Angeles with me.

All the best and continued success,
Robin Karfo


To Whom It May Concern:

I live in Chicago but I have invested heavily in Clearwater, Florida.

There I have rental properties. Running rental properties from a distance can be a logistical, financial and legal nightmare. To my good fortune, I ran into Gro Miller who has done a superb job in remodeling, negotiating prices, renting and maintaining these properties. Gro has done an excellent job for me all the way around. Each month I get the breakdown and the checks in the mail. She is very punctual and ethical. She keeps me updated on all the necessary communication and she follows the legal rules to the maximum. I see her handle tenants and construction workers. She is on top of it professionally and businesslike. I recommend her very highly for any job involving real estate. She is superb, hands down!

I am available for any questions. My cell phone number is

(773) 251-7573.

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Alexander G. Alemis, DDS


To whom it may concern:

Gro Miller and I have never met but she managed a property for me with great skill.
Head and shoulders above the rest, she is in a league of her own. She is by far the best realtor/property manager I ever had to deal with. Below is a list of bullet points concerning her qualities:

* Completely trustworthy
* Great service
* Highly approachable and very responsive
* Committed to her work
* Very efficient
* Transparent in her transactions

She is the genuine article.
Gro, I wish you the very best of success in the future. And thank you for all your hard work.


Jules Gadiot (UK)